Scandi Breakfast Bowl

Scandi Breakfast Bowl

Serves: 2 

Prep time: 15 mins 

Cook time: 8 mins

This healthy and filling Scandinavian inspired breakfast is such a hit with our clients. The combination of textures and flavours really balances the dish well, and it contains high amounts of protein for those who have hit the gym hard. 

Chefs Tip

For a dairy free alternative, you could use a vegan cream cheese such as Nush or Violife.  


2 eggs 

8 cherry tomatoes, quartered 

1 tbsp of capers, drained

½ small banana shallot, finely diced 

Few sprigs of dill, finely chopped 

60g cream cheese 

6 or 7 fresh chive sprigs, finely chopped

½ ripe avocado

1 lemon

2 handfuls of baby spinach 

100g of good quality smoked salmon

1/3 of a cucumber peeled and deseeded, cut into half-moons


1. Start by boiling the eggs, bring a small saucepan of water to the boil and carefully lower in the eggs. Turn the heat down to a less vigorous boil and cook for 6/7/8 minutes (soft/medium/hard boiled). 

2. Meanwhile, in a small bowl, mix together cherry tomatoes, shallots, capers, and dill and leave to one side. 

3. In another small bowl, combine chives and cream cheese and set aside. 

4. Cut lemon into quarters, keep two for garnish and use the other two to squeeze on the avocado to stop it going brown. Prep the avocado by removing the stone, peeling the skin and then either slice or cube it, drizzle with remaining lemon juice.

3. When the eggs are cooked to your preference, drain and run them under cold running water to stop the cooking process. Peel immediately and cut in half vertically.

4. Now you’re ready to assemble your breakfast! Either on a plate or large flat soup bowl arrange the spinach, salmon, avocado, eggs, cucumber and tomato caper mix next to each other, keeping everything separate. Spoon the cream cheese in the middle sprinkling a few more dill sprigs over to garnish and a crack of black pepper. Add a wedge of lemon and serve, or put in a Tupperware for later!